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Massages and  Treatments
The Complex has a lot of treatments to make your stay unforgettable. 



Do you know the benefits that a massage can bring to your organism?  click aquí for more information.

¡Choose from our different relaxing massages!


Partial Massage (25 min) 33€

Total Massage (50 min) 62€

                                                    masaje relajante complejo la trufa negra mora de rubielos teruel Spain

Hot Milk

Made with massage hot milk, with neutral PH, ideal for all skin tipes. Provides hydration and welfare.


Relieves muscular aches and joint replacements. Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Oil of Camphor, Harpagophytum's and thyme. Suitable for women in pregnancy and lactation.


Enjoy the aromas and properties of peppermint, lavender and rosemary. Applied with and oil gel. It refreshes, relaxes and tones up.


Be captivated with the texture of white grape jam and receive all minerals: magnesium, calcium and A, C, E vitamins. With antioxidant, stimulates cell renewal.


Harmonic, sensual and enveloping, massage performed with hot aromatic oil. Wellness for body and mind.

Bamboo (suplement 2,00€)

Brought from the far East. Exotic massage performed with bamboo canes. It balances energies, relaxing body and mind. It promotes drainage, eliminates toxins and reafirms the skin.


Pregnant and people with intolerances: we have special oils and creams.



 In our section HEALTH you can find  therapeutic massages, Sporty and Circulatory or Geothermal massage as therapy and relaxation that combines in a single treatment.

Choose from all, the one that best suits your needs.



 PartialSporty Massage (25 min) 39€

Total Sporty Massage (50 min) 73€

                                                    masajes complejo la trufa negra mora de rubielos teruel Spain02



Sporty Massage

Suitable for balancing muscle tone. It prevents overload and contractures for excess of sports or work and postural activity. With application of specific creams.  

Back Healthy (60 min.) ¡¡¡ NEW!!! 

Effective combination of infrared heat + 30 minutes massage descontracturant + Kinesiotape.  Mitigates the back pain caused by muscle or postural. Helps prevent and relieve the contractures produced by stress or the daily activity, sport or employment. The massage will be personalized with application of Kinesotape in two areas.


Legs Circulatory Massage (25 min.)

Stimulates the circulation, facilitats venous return, relieves the feeling or tired legs. It is especially indicated for people with sedentary life or who work on foot. With application of cold gel. 


Geothermal (75 min.)

Oriental Massage with hot stones. Done with hot volcanic stones. Eliminates the physical and mental fatigue. Retrieves the energy balance. Applied with warm aromatic oil.


Foot Massage ( 40 min.)(Foot podal & Reflexology applied)

Muscle and joint working by foot massage, mobilizations and pressures. Physical rest with relaxation.



Pregnant and people with intolerances: we have special oils and creams.





Vichy peeling (40 min.)

Enjoy a relaxing massage with oil aromatic gel while you receive a shower of warm water. It relaxes, tones and activates circulation. It includes a body peeling which will stop any impurity-free skin. It promotes cell renewal, removal of toxins and improves the osigenacion of the tissues.



Facials treatments with mask include cleansing, toning , exfoliating facial or enzymatic relief, moisturizing mask and final massage.
Facial treatments with moisturizing mask include hand and arm hydration massage.

tratamiento facial despigmentante

Black Truffle Facial  (50 min.)

Nourishes and moisturizes, revitalizing, combating free radicals. Cleaning tonic. Highlighted peeling with crushed olive bone. Gel masque rich in minerals and vitamins. Hydronutritive facial massage with Black Truffle cream, containing polysaccharides and amino acids. 10% off Truffle cosmetic


Pearl Facial (50 min.)

Vitality, firmness, hydration, radiance, pearly effect. Cleaning tonic. Highlighted or enzyme peeling. Mask with pearl extract and coralline algae. Facial massage with balm beads and, white tea and magnolia flower extract.


Oxygen O2 (50 min.) ¡¡¡ NEW!!! 

It stimulates the blood circulation, improves oxygenation and cell renewal. Anti-aging effect. It eliminates toxins and reduces redness. For all types of skin, ideal in asphyxiated skins. It contains active oxygen, hyaluronic acid, Vit-E, ginseng, gotu Kola, ginkgo biloba and kava kava extract. Oxygen O2


Facial Peeling & Hydration (25 min.)

Cleaning tonic. Highlighted facial peeling with cocktail fruit acids and enzymes. Moisturizing facial massage with Vit-A for mature and dry skins or, for oily and mix skins.



Body wrap treatments include body scrubs, wraps, moisturizing massage end and craniofacial pressures with sedative action.


masaje complejo la trufa negra Mora de Rubielos Teruel Spain

Black Truffle Ritual (75 min.)

Relaxing massage with truffle oil gel, body scrub, mud wrap truffle with all its vitamins and minerals, end massage moisturizer to nourish and hydrate. Antioxidant properties, fights aging and stimulates cell renewal. Rich in polysaccharides. It includes facial cold stones. (10% off Truffle cosmetic)


Orchids and semiprecious stones (75 min.)

Relaxing and calming. Ideal to recover energy. Recommended for dry, rough or sensitive skins. Includes facial and body treatment. Pamper yourself by flowers and semiprecious stones from the sea of Bali.


Hot Chocolate with orange(55 min.)¡¡¡ NEW!!! 

Receives a peeling espusomo of vitamin C and then a relaxing massage Californian with oil of cacao Hot 100% natural and very nutritious.



Polinesia Ritual Spa (75 min). 

Total relaxation, combats stress, fatigue and balances the energies. Eliminates toxins and impurities. It nourishes, moisturizes and protects with Tiare flower aroma. Coconut shell peeling, white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, vanilla from Tahiti and Algomoni. Polynesia Mahana Massage. Tuiponos.


Corporal Peeling + Hydration (45 min.)

Removes impurities from the skin with a cherry and walnut peeling. It favors cell renewal, improves oxygenation and helps to eliminate toxins. Ending with Chi Yang, exclusive hydration massage.




Profit from special offer on the recruitment of our packs.
larga estancia

Anti- Stress

Tired of everyday life? If you need to recharge and take a break, this pack will make you feel refreshed. Stress out!

Spa Circuit 90 min & Total Relaxation Massage 50 min (to choose)


Truffle- Therapy

Discover the properties that the Teruel Black diamond brings. The body and face pack will leave your skin nourished and hydrated in depth.

Black Truffle Ritual 75 min & Black Truffle Facial50 min 


Caresses  of Orchids for her

Full pack to provide extreme smoothness and radiante to your skin. Cddle yourself.

Spa Circuit 90 min + Partial Relaxation Massage 25 min (to choose) + Treatment Orchids 75 min


Volcanic Caresses for him

Specially designed to eliminate physical and mental fatigue.

Spa Circuit 90 min + Partial Relaxation Massage 25 min (to choose) + Geothermal  Massage75 min

¡¡¡SPECIAL OFFER!!! If you contract both "Carresses Packs"
We gift you with our little basket of Truffle cosmetics


If you can not perdorm the contracted service, let us know. Failure to do so, or if the cancellation occurs after 6 hours before the beggining, 50% of the services will be charged. The no-show or cancellation less than two hours before, will imply the charge of the 100% of the service.


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