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La Trufa Negra Tourist Resort is placed in a privileged mountainous area, Gudar Javalambre mountain range. During all the year you have many ways of enjoyement.

Come and discover them.



 Mora de Rubielos

Historic-Artistic Site since 1978, it is a town steeped in history and tradition, dating back to the existence of an iberian settlement. Situated at 1035 meters altitude, it was a key point to the conquest of the kingdom of Valencia by christians. Even today we can see part of its majestic wall. You can not miss the Fernandez de Heredia Palace Castle and Santa María Church, declared national monuments. Also, walking through the streets make you back to medieval times.





The Tuber Melanosporum, known as the Black Truffle (Trufa Negra in spanish) of Teruel, is considered to be the black diamond of cuisine. The Gudar Javalambre region is the biggest producer of this truffle in the world. Is is a fungus that grows in association with roots from specific trees. The truffle gathering, which is calle "truffle hunting", is fascinating. The truffle hunters and their dogs, together with machete (special knife for soil) and truffle ppouch, are the ones who find the truffles which are hidden underground. You can find out more about the truffle world by attending the Truffletourism activities which we usually held from november to march and from may to july. This truffle is so successful that an International Truffle Fair is held in Sarrion each December.



Teruel  is the land of Ham. Pork products are extremely important in our area. Across the entire province there are a large number of ham drying plants which provide the prestige of the "Denominación de Origen Jamón de Teruel". The high quality and artisan preparation, forged over centuries, added to its optimum curation, have enabled this product to reach the highest of positions..

 04 ARTE

 Art, Culture & Tradition

Along the streets of these picturesque towns, the architectural art is clear in many buildings. The town hall in Rubielos de Mora is one of them, with its beautiful  gothic levantine lonja. Many museums show proof of the history that has made its mark in these lands. Salvador Victoria, a famous contemporary painter, and José Gonzalvo, a well known sculptor, were both born in Rubielos, an it is precisely in this town where we can find museums which house their important work of art.




 Monumental Trees

The rich vegetation is noticeable: the fields have not lost their meaning, picnic areas and springs serve to take a rest and also to have fun, paths discover us and lead through ancient routes aproaching  places where trees have been growing for centuries, to the beat of rain. Gudar Javalambre has the route of the 13 trees, true art works built by nature, champions in wisdom, strength, height and width, which invite us to discover them. One of the most famous, the Escobón pine, with its 25 meters high, 1.4 meters in diameter and 5 in perimetere, all a natural jewel.


 Defensive Fortifications

The  Spanich Civil War(1936-39) left a mark in our region. Proof of this can be found in the remains of the battle trenches, shelters an machine gun hideouts. The Javalambre mountain range was a centre point fot important disputes and a frontier point between republicans and those who supported Franco. In Sarrion, we can find these historic monuments..



The largest dinosaur in Europe and one of the largest in the world, the Turiasaurus Riodevensis, was found in the province of Teruel, therefore, when talking of palaeontology, it implies, without a doubt, referring to this province. As a result of numerous paleontelogical findigs, Territorio Dinopolis was created. Is is a group of dynamic and unique paleontological parks which are distributed throughout the province of Teruel, allowing visitors to find out how life was millions of years ago.


 The Sky

Discover the feeling that occurs when you "touch the stars". The sky we enjoy in this land allows us to observe the stars, and to contemplate the astronomical phenomena away from any light pollution. The "Pico del Buitre" of Javalambre has one of the most important astrophysical observatories in Spain. Moreover, we have the highest town in the Iberian Peninsula, Valdelinares, coming here is to be a little closer to the unattainable sky.



To enjoy the white sport is possible thanks to two winter resorts: Valdelinares and Javalambre. In them there is a perfect combination of the natural appeal of its forests with the comfort of the station. Designed for initiation in skiing, also allow risk sensations in more difficult tracks. The most daring have Snowpark and amazing jumps.

 10 GOLF


In an old restored farmhouse we find a beautiful golf resort, El Castillejo. In a key tourist spot, located in the mountains, a 9-hole course is opened to us in order to enable the enjoyement of the wonderful sport of golf. Its area of ​​20 hectares is spread over a small valley, which paths are adapted to the land and offer a natural prairie route reinforced with reseeding and magnificent greens.

actividades sitios rutas

 Paths and Nature

Gúdar Javalambre can also be explored on foot or by mountain bike, its 600 kilometres (372 miles) of trail tours allow you to enjoy natural landscapes of incomparable value. The destination of one of them is "La Cascada de la Hiedra" (Ivy's Waterfall), in Mora de Rubielos, a beautiful natural formation that allows us to see a spectacular cascade.We propose several routes.


 The Green Track

The old railroad route has regained life as non-motorized itineraries to be traveled on foot and by bicycle. The Green Track (Vía Verde) of Ojos Negros communicates Ojos Negros with Puerto de Sagunto. Its purpose was to be the private line to transport the iron from the mines of Teruel to the blast furnaces of Valencia. Today, it houses landscapes of true enjoyment.


azulejo-banner Salvaconducto

The Cid Path

The medieval heritage is the most remarkable characteristic and the worth more attractive for visitors. Its frontier character during this period of history, has converted ​​it in a unique land, full of impossible loves, memories of legends and buildings that prevent the sudden intrusion of the enemy. Looking to the Mediterranean are its numerous peaks that were previously monitoring points to the danger of arrival of invaders. However, every story has its hero, and this, without any doubt, is the case of the Cid. Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar was a born fighter, the key piece in numerous wars, whose steps we follow today.


Holy Grail Path

On foot, on horseback or by bike you can perform the route imbued with magic and mystery that the Holy Grail followed. With starting point in San Juan de la Peña (Huesca) and final point in Valencia, through the province of Zaragoza and Teruel.



The quality and quantity of our mushrooms is widely known. From Rebollón (lactarius Deliciosus) to Morchella, through the Fairy Ring Champignon and Saint George’s Mushroom, countless species can be collected in our forests.



 Mudejar Art

The Islamic tradition is reflected in majestic Moorish style buildings found in the province. The use of brick is highlighted with constructive and ornamental character, glazed ceramic application shines in constructions decorating the exterior architecture.


 Teruel Lovers

The medieval tradition of taste and romantic beauty has regained the legend of the Lovers of Teruel. One of the most beautiful love stories taken place in the world, which has become a recurring symbol for theater, literature and art. Teruel is a symbol of love and its streets and people annually spruce up to commemorate this tragic story. The mausoleum of the Lovers submerge us into their lifes and feelings.




Dinotour-El Castellar

Enter the dinosaur era, under a walk of the hand of a paleontologist, among more than 60 sites of the geological age of both footprints and bones. Enjoy a tour explained in detail through large replicas of fossils, such as the reconstruction of a carnivorous dinosaur 7 meters in length. 

Dinotour-Alcalá de la Selva

Discover footprints 4D, 125 million years ago, showing the impression of skin and stretch marks, revealing the foot trajectory and dynamics of the movements of these great reptiles. A journey backwards millions of years, detailed and explained by an expert.


Birding Tours

Enjoy birdwatching by experienced birdwatchers. You can choose between visiting the main Natural Reserves of the Province of Teruel (Laguna de Gallocanta, Hoces del Río Pitarque, Abarracín and the Esteparias de Belchite) or take an interpretive tour through the wonderful landscapes of the Comarca Gúdar Javalambre, collalba blonde, beer, royal owl, ...). And make impossible photographs in your Photographic Hides.


Mountain Goat Watching.

From October to May you can enjoy the sighting of Cabra Montés, an ideal activity for naturalists and photographers, which allows to observe this species characteristic of the Iberian System in its natural habitat. It includes a route in 4x4 and the approach on foot to the place of observation.



Live a experience on highs by climbing, get the adrenalin descending a ravine, ride a horse as an Amazon, ...

Discover our mountains doing active sightseeing, the fun is served.

Book through us the following activities:


Ravine Descent &    Water Trekking           


Venture to discover the most hidden corners of the area. Exciting waterfalls and swimming river crossings.

Duration: Half day

Age: 16 years +








Funny game, known as anti-stress, performed in a realistic scenario.

Min. 10 people.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Age: 14 years + 









Live a unique experience in the highs and discover the nature with a bird's-eye view.

Duration: 3 hours

Age: 6 years + 



tiro arco

Test your shot. Fun and good atmosphere will go with you.

Mín. 4 people

Duration: 1,5 hours

Age: 8 years +



 Refreshing Walk

paseo RefrescanteIdeal activity to do with children, fun assured.

Age: 6 years +


 Guided BTT

bici horizontalBike rental possibility, follow the guide and enjoy the scenery and the journey.


Come and experience an adventure on horseback in a natural environment.

Different levels.Duration:

From 1h30 to 4h30


Circuits for 4x4, quads or enduro, with different levels of difficulty


Bike rental possibility, follow the guide and enjoy the scenery and the journey.

Age: + 16 years

Duration: 3 hours







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